Saturday, September 10, 2005

Yikes! Scorpion Mezcal.

Now we've all had our share of Tequila. And most of us have had our share of Mezcal, too. Some of us have even dared to eat the worm at the bottom of the bottle. (A few of us more than once.)

But I have never seen anything like this before. You've gotta be pretty bad-ass to step up to the plate on this one.

Take a look:

Now in case you missed it, here is a close up of what is actually at the bottom of the bottle. That's not an agave worm, that's a scorpion! I guess we will see if I am as crazy as I used to be...

Comments anyone?


At 9/10/2005 10:49 PM, Blogger scriblegurl said...

A scorpion? So, are you crazy enough?


At 9/11/2005 1:16 PM, Blogger Pappy said...

Looks fake to me.

Mackin with Pappy

At 9/11/2005 1:18 PM, Blogger Captain Hops said...

I wish it were.

At 9/11/2005 1:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read somewhere on the internet that a pregnant scorpians can actually be preserved in the unique mezcal concoction, until the fateful day that they would be released in the consumers belly.

At 9/12/2005 12:33 PM, Blogger Anthony said...

nothing would survive the hydrochloric acid of a human stomach...just a myth.


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