Saturday, October 15, 2005

My Blingo Friend Won and so did I!

Just a couple weeks ago I mentioned that I had my first win with Blingo. It took 3 months but I won a $10 iTunes gift certificate for doing nothing but searching the internet using their site. Well this morning I logged in and discovered that that laugh riot Tickles Tapeworm out in Seattle won a $25 Visa Cash Card. Since I am the one that referred him, I won one too!

So who wants to play along now? Here's how:
1. Sign up with Blingo.
2. Search using their website or tool bar.
3. Invite your friends to join in.
4. Win on your own or when your friends win!

Unfortunately this is only available to US residents. Sorry world.

References: Blingo, and Tickles Tapeworm
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